St John's GROUPS

Busy Mums Bible Study

This bible study, especially for busy mums, happens at 9am on the 2nd  Sunday of the month in Wanka House at St John's. 

Coffee & Chat

Mondays, 10:30am at the Coffee Club.  Come and meet up for fellowship with a great group of people over a half price cup of coffee.

Womens Bible Study

Mondays, 7:30pm at Judy Holmes house.  Please call Judy on 0438 664950 to come along to this group.

Mens Bible Study

Mondays, 7:30pm at Arthur Martins house.  Please call Arthur on  (07) 4662 4341  to join this group.

Ladies KYB group

Tuesday 9:30 am at Wanka House (in the church grounds) .  Get to know your bible better with this fun, supportive group. 

Faith Walkers

Wednesday's 6-7am.   Come along for a mid-week spiritual recharge.  The idea is simple. Start by meeting in the grounds of St John's and listening to a spiritually uplifting address.  As you then go walking around the beautiful Myall Creek walking trail, discuss with friends what the address meant to you. Pets on a lead are more than welcome to come along too!